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Video: Ginni Rometty Keynote at the World Health Care Congress


IBM Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty discusses cognitive healthcare at the 13th Annual World Health Care Congress.

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Podcast: Planet Money: Pay Patients, Save Money


I listened to this podcast over the weekend regarding healthcare costs and selecting medical procedures… it was extremely interesting:

We shop around when we get a plane ticket or buy a couch. But we spend thousands of dollars on health care without comparing prices.

Today on the show: What happens if we pay patients when they choose the cheaper option?

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Podcast: IBM: Watson’s war on cancer


As head of University of North Carolina’s Lineberger Cancer Center and one of the world’s premier oncologists, Dr. Norman Sharpless recognizes cancer to be the sort of big data problem that computers might help physicians solve. And he’s embracing a cognitive computer, IBM Watson, to help his team recommend personalized cancer care for his patients.

Sharpless’s UNC team is training Watson to analyze patient data, unstructured information (think scribbled doctor’s notes), genomic sequences and a continual stream of clinical trial results and medical literature in hopes that Watson can suggest effective treatment options for each new case. If Watson can do that, Sharpless says, it would help physicians mitigate the time and tremendous expense that comes with ineffective treatments. It could also completely change the nature of cancer research. But first thing’s first.

Sharpless is calling for a clinical trial pitting a team of doctors using traditional methods of research against a Watson-enabled team of doctors. And he’s confident that ultimately, the Watson-enabled team will win.

Photo: Nuno Job, Flickr

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Video: Dr. Mark Boxer on the future of Healthcare


Dr. Mark Boxer recently presented a keynote speech at PegaWorld:

As the healthcare ecosystem continues to rapidly change, the “new healthcare consumer” takes unprecedented control over how they purchase, access, consume and value healthcare services. No longer are their expectations shaped by traditional healthcare models. Instead, they are increasingly seeking a more personalized retail experience. At the same time, consumers are defining health and wellness in new and more encompassing ways. The industry is now poised to meet these emerging consumer needs through technology and innovation. Dr. Mark Boxer, EVP and Global CIO of Cigna, will explore how the new healthcare consumer drives a new orientation on IT strategy, forces organizations to redefine the way they engage their customers and changes the manner in which they operate within the broader healthcare ecosystem. Cigna has partnered with Pega to address these challenges and opportunities through the implementation of a core health platform that will enable new models of payer and provider collaboration, support innovative consumer capabilities and increase our business agility.


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Video: The next outbreak? We’re not ready

In 2014, the world avoided a horrific global outbreak of Ebola, thanks to thousands of selfless health workers — plus, frankly, thanks to some very good luck. In hindsight, we know what we should have done better. So, now’s the time, Bill Gates suggests, to put all our good ideas into practice, from scenario planning to vaccine research to health worker training. As he says, “There’s no need to panic … but we need to get going.

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