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Video: How to Have a Bad Career

sn_computersupplies_Patryk Dziejma

Renowned computer scientist David Patterson came to Mountain View to provide advice that, as he puts it, “I wish I had been given at the start of my career.”

An entertaining and engaging presenter, Prof. Patterson takes us through a number of tongue-in-cheek examples of how to sink a career in academics and elsewhere. He also provides great tips on how how to steer clear of these mistakes and build a career that is both successful and satisfying.

David Patterson wrote the book Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach with John Hennessy and helped lead UC Berkeley research projects Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISC), Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID), and Network of Workstations (NOW). He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Sciences, the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame, both AAAS organizations, and President of ACM.

Photo: Patryk Dziejma

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Video: New payment systems


New payment systems are not only changing the financial services landscape, but also how products and services are being bought and sold, shared Stripe CEO Patrick Collison. “Companies are looking at ways not just to charge their customers, but also to do something more sophisticated.” During his visit to The Industrialist’s Dilemma class on January 7, 2016, Patrick discussed the restructuring of the financial services landscape with Lecturers Robert Siegel and Aaron Levie.

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Video: John Oliver: Managing Your Global Supply Chain


When we talk about managing our global supply chain and brand risk, this is pretty much EXACTLY the situation that a company would want to avoid.

Warning: There is some mildly NSFW language used in this video

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Video: Ginni Rometty: A new era in technology and business


For the past several years, the converging forces of data, cloud, mobile and social technologies and the Internet of Things have disrupted industries and led to unprecedented transformation across every type of business. Many enterprises have made the shift to become ‘digital.’ However, at IBM we believe that digital is not the destination, but the foundation for a new era of business, which we call cognitive. When digital disruption meets digital intelligence, new possibilities are created by systems that understand, reason and learn.

Photo: Lisbon Council, Flickr

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Video: HP Sprout @ Maker Faire


Sprout by HP revealed their 3D Capture Stage at World Maker Faire 2015, a special turntable that allows true 3d scanning using 3d Object Capture.

Photo: Don DeBold, Flickr