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SourceCast: Episode 67: The 5th Generation

5G phone networks are becoming a reality and AT&T wants to control as much bandwidth as possible. As the company makes a play for Straight Path, Verizon is looking to make their own moves.

I asked a question at the end of the podcast, I would love to see actual listener’s opinions:

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SourceCast: Episode 66: Toshiba’s Turmoil

Toshiba is not having a good week.  As the company struggles to survive, political pressures from the Japanese government are complicating an already messy situation.

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SourceCast: Episode 65: The Consigliere Conundrum

Rumors of Oracle purchasing Accenture have been greatly exaggerated. Why wasn’t Larry Ellison interesting in buying one of the largest consulting firms in the world? I also look at other IT consulting firms to determine if the entire industry is in a decline.

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SourceCast: Episode 64: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

AI is an exciting concept and technology, but does our excitement overshadow the practical issues with current AI implementations? Will IBM’s Watson be surpassed before it is even fully embraced?

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SourceCast: Episode 63: The Race to the Bottom

The month of cloud discussion continues. While AWS is the big dog in IaaS right now, does their size make them a target? What does IBM, Oracle, and Google have to do to gain customer’s attention and confidence?

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