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Podcast: Planet Money: Pay Patients, Save Money


I listened to this podcast over the weekend regarding healthcare costs and selecting medical procedures… it was extremely interesting:

We shop around when we get a plane ticket or buy a couch. But we spend thousands of dollars on health care without comparing prices.

Today on the show: What happens if we pay patients when they choose the cheaper option?

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Podcast: Hard Work Is Irrelevant

sn_swimming_Todd Quackenbush

You know I love the Planet Money Podcast.  Last week they did a story about Netflix’s hiring policies designed by Patty McCord and it is very unique.

Photo: Todd Quackenbush, unsplash

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Podcast: The Innovation At The Heart Of The Global Economy


While shipping containers are not directly related to IT or strategic sourcing, the global economy would not be what it is today without them.

So I present to you the origin of the humble, world-changing, shipping container.

Photo: Roel Hemkes, Flickr

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Negotiation Academy: E10: Your Salary and How to Raise It


Episode 10: Your Salary and How to Raise It

We’ve reached the final episode of the series and we’re going out with advice on what is for many people the most important negotiation they face: their own salaries. Even in these times of high unemployment, you still might find yourself in a position to bargain when a good job comes along. And whatever the job market, these tips will help you get the most you can, whether you’re accepting a new job or angling for a raise.

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Photo: Blue Cheddar, Flickr

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Negotiation Academy: E09: Negotiating with Kids


Episode 9: Negotiating with Kids

They’re the craftiest, most frustrating, and most creative negotiating partners you’ll ever have: your kids. Some parents think you should never haggle with children; others find themselves negotiating even the smallest details of daily life. In Episode 9, we’ll explore when it’s a good idea to bargain with your kids, as well as the best ways to do it.

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Photo: Blue Cheddar, Flickr

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