News You Can Use: 10/7/2015

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  • Why Sweden Is Shifting To A 6-Hour Workday

    Everyone who works at the company suddenly has more energy. “The biggest response that I couldn’t foresee was the energy level I felt with my colleagues,” he says. “They were happy leaving the office and happy coming back the next day. They didn’t feel drained or fatigued. That has also helped the work groups to work better together now, when we see less conflicts and arguments. People are happier.”

  • Where’s the Beef in the Information Supply Chain?

    Insert contract clauses into new agreements that allow monitoring and enforcement while creating incentives and penalties for non-compliance regarding CSR areas. Consider having suppliers pay for monitoring and enforcement if necessary as part of requirements if you are a large enough buyer.


    “In my first meeting with the executive director, he was asking me about what classes I had taken, and he asked if I had taken a database class in college, and I did, and he said, ‘Okay, good, then you can oversee this project of designing and implementing a new communication database for us,” he says. “That was the first time I was ever brought into a project I had little or no knowledge about, and was expected to deliver results.”

  • IoT will be key technology to optimize inventory management, says IDC

    Firms are taking charge of their inventory management and supply chain, and IoT – along with mobile, big data and cloud computing – will help them do that. These technologies are enabling inventory visibility across the network and driving enhanced collaboration throughout the supply chain.

  • Zuckerberg, Musk and Gates Have a Not-So-Secret Productivity Hack – Work Constantly

    Musk, who divides his week between SpaceX and Tesla Motors, has also perfected the art of multitasking: he sends emails while scanning invoices, holds meetings and takes care of business on his phone at the same time, and even texts with his children on his lap (an admission that gathered no small amount of criticism from the public). While he officially clocks in no more than 15 hours at the office, he has said that he doesn’t ever stop working. With these round-the-clock responsibilities, it seems understandable that the most effective way to save time is by doing everything at once.

Photo: Angelina Litvin

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