Productivity Bulletin: 2/20/2015

Photo: Sean MacEntee, Flickr

  • Best Practices for email marketing:

    Though 73% marketers take email marketing as a key enabler of products and services but majority is concerned about success rate. One of the prime reasons of failure is ‘ill-planned content.’ You need to design a dedicated content strategy for emails, newsletters, and other direct communications with prospects. Content strategy should address What, Why, Where, How, How much, How Often, and Whom. Decide what type of content will be used, in what quantity, and through which medium. In addition, keep “mobile factor” in mind as 68% marketers agree that a responsive design is a key factor in decisions regarding landing page or email template.

  • Master the Concept of Leverage to Get What You Want in Business and Life

    Leverage is all about understanding what another party desires and figuring out what you need to fulfill it, then using your position to gain an outcome in your favor. It is important to note, however, that leverage can be used both for good and for bad. Bad leverage results in one person winning and the others losing — typically a consequence of working with bad people — whereas in good leverage situations, all parties can benefit from the outcome of the transaction or deal.

  • Keep emails to 300 words of less for better responses:

    Concision matters more than almost anything in an email if you aren’t sure it will be read.  Even in the case with people you know it can matter.  When you want something, keep it brief!  Most people can handle a 300 word message that gets right to the point.  I’ve yet to meet anyone who prefers longer, detailed emails they didn’t explicitly request or who would rather read longer, flowery sentences over those that get right to the point.  You can be short and sweet, after all.

  • Some of you might remember the story that I told a few years ago about the band Van Halen and the brown M&M (and how it applies to contracting).  Here is a short version:
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