SourceCast: Episode 99: Google’s Beef with Amazon

Amazon and Google got into a very public spat last week over Google’ decision to block YouTube on Amazon products. But this dispute goes so much deeper than YouTube and this episode covers all the long-simmering issues between the two companies.

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SourceCast: Episode 98: How Google is turning into Microsoft

In last Friday’s Supplier Report, I presented an article covering a Microsoft employee moving to Google. That news made me recall another article documenting a large exodus of Microsoft employees over to Google during the last 4 years.

This week’s podcast drills down into what those migrations mean for Google’s culture and long term health.

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SourceCast: Episode 97: Amazon’s Workplace Culture

The holidays have arrived and retail companies are trying to get into the black. The biggest retailer of them all, Amazon, hired over 100,000 people this fall season to ensure you get your packaged on time.

What are the working conditions for that temporary work force? What are the working conditions for the people sitting in Amazon’s offices? This week I try to answer those questions.

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SourceCast: Episode 96: Talking Turkey

Since it is a holiday week and IT news was not-so-warm-and-fuzzy, I decided to take a break from AI and cloud and go deep on the procurement of…turkey. Those birds have to get to your dining room somehow and this week we learn exactly how that happens.

I am also pleased to say this week’s episode features a special guest.

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SourceCast: Episode 95: Tech company partnerships are confusing

Google announced several partnerships over the last two weeks that seem to conflict with other relationships they, or the other suppliers, have with each other. This prompted me to look back at some of the strategic partnership announcements over the last few years to connect the dots and see how they worked out for all parties involved.


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