SourceCast: Episode 82: Trump vs. Apple

Last Tuesday, President Trump announced that Apple would be opening three manufacturing plants within the United States. The news left many technology journalists scratching their heads since Apple doesn’t build manufacturing plants. This week we dive into Trump’s announcement to determine fact from potential fiction.


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SourceCast: Episode 81: Understanding Microsoft’s cloud success

Microsoft released amazing quarterly results last week and I decided to dig deeper to better understand those good results and what that means for Microsoft long term.


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SourceCast: Episode 80: AI – I want it now!

Investment firm Jefferies trashed IBM’s AI platform last week while other competitors like OpenText swooped in to kick Big Blue while she was down. ┬áThis week, I discuss IBM’s options and if Jefferies’ critiques are accurate.

Photo: Alex Knight


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SourceCast: Episode 79: IBM – Everything is coming up Milhouse

Over the last 6 months, IBM (in my opinion) has been attracting more negative news. Very recently, thanks to a series of wins in specific strategic areas, IBM’s luck looks to be turning around. This week I take a deep dive into those recent wins and ponder if IBM’s fortunes are really improving.

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SourceCast: Episode 78: The Hard Line on SoftBank

Softbank has recently secured funding for their fabled vision fund. This week my guest John Silverwood joins me in discussing what a company with a 300-year-plan and billions to invest will do next.

Photo: Vitaly Taranov


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