SourceCast: Episode 98: YouTube Edition

As a follow-up to last week’s episode about Amazon’s culture, this week I look at Google’s changing culture due to the company poaching thousands of Microsoft employees.

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SourceCast: Episode 97: YouTube Edition

This week I take a look at Amazon’s workplace culture for their temporary and full-time employees. How does their culture impact the next city to host Amazon?

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SourceCast: Episode 95: Youtube Edition

Google made friends with Cisco and SaleForce, who in turn made friends with AWS and Facebook. Can these partnerships truly add value when the players keep shrinking?

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SourceCast: Episode 94: Youtube Edition

It was a slow technology news week, so I went back to through the last 6 weeks of “News That You Can Use” to provide career advice and a few personal examples of that advice in use.

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SourceCast: Episode 93: Vlog Edition

Here is the weekly YouTube port of SourceCast covering Cisco’s recent acquisitions and strategy overview since CEO Chuck Robins joined in 2015.

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