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SourceCast: Episode 15: If you want it good, it takes time

sn_fence_Pierre Rougier

I am taking a break from IBM this week as Microsoft’s cloud activities have captured my attention. From there, I talk about the issues companies are having with business intelligence and expanding features and ease of use with the cost of those improvements.

Improvements come in different ways, and from a career perspective, this podcast discusses indirect ways of improving your reports and presentations while attempting to advance your career.

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Video: We Can Use Big Data to Make Ourselves Better

Former Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit explains why new branches of data science must steer from the impulse to measure correlation and instead seek to explore causality. New discoveries in causality built upon big data can then be used to help people break bad habits and steer clear of harmful behaviors.

Read more at BigThink.com: http://goo.gl/O8uR

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Supplier Report: 2/28/2015

Sony World Photography Competition Shortlist


  • IBM Pumps $4 Billion Into Cloud and Mobile Initiatives (thank you Kevin, huge story with hundreds of similar posts this week)…

    Among its new priorities, IBM has put particular emphasis on online, or cloud, services. It has said it invested $1.2 billion in data centers to augment those it acquired with SoftLayer Technologies in 2013. It also invested $1 billion to accelerate commercialization of its Watson data-analytics technology.


  • WebSphere (IBM) offers 31% better performance over WebLogic (Oracle)

    Enterprise IT vendor IBM today said its WebSphere Application Server running on dual Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 demonstrated 31 percent better performance on per core basis against 18800.76 SPECjEnterprise20101 EjOPS result from Oracle using WebLogic 12.1.3 Server running on Oracle Server X5-2 with dual Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3.


  • Jim Cramer: Don’t write off IBM, but I like SalesForce better

    TheStreet’s Jim Cramer says you can’t write off IBM because they’ve managed to reinvent themselves so many times. On Thursday the company announced it will spend $4 billion in 2015 on analytics, mobility, cloud computing and security. Cramer says IBM CEO Ginni Rometty is laying out a vision about the idea of social, mobile, media, and cloud computing becoming a larger part of the company. Right now it’s about 27 percent of the company and they want to take it to 40. But Cramer says if you take it to 40 it can’t be because the rest of IBM is doing so poorly. He says IBM is looking increasingly like an Accenture with a social/mobile component. Warren Buffett is a fan of IBM and while Cramer says he wouldn’t write IBM off, he certainly likes Salesforce a lot more than IBM


  • IBM has out “mega-deal’ed” HP

    In December IBM announced a $1bn (£644m) deal with German airline Lufthansa, a win with global comms company WPP for $1.25bn (£800m), and said it had scored undisclosed deals thought to be worth more than £500m with media org Thomson Reuters and Dutch bank ABN AMRO.


  • IBM Advances SoftLayer for Hybrid Cloud Growth

    Connected to the initial $1.2 billion investment in cloud services that IBM announced in 2014, the new computing capacity broadens the company’s cloud footprint in both Australia and Canada, bringing the SoftLayer portfolio to local doorsteps. The new cloud centers are each the second of their kind to be opened in their respective countries, giving customers the option for in-country data redundancy.




  • The Battle of Two Tech Giants (HP vs. IBM)

    So where is the sunlight? The willingness of HP to act. Splitting your company into two pieces is a massive task. Recall what the EU wanted to do to Microsoft, and how that company reacted. But there are green shoots: The company’s guidance is weak, but we are still operating in a pre-split era, so operational performance isn’t the best barometer. Instead, the company has plenty of cash, and is making big moves: HP is said to be eyeing Aruba Networks as an acquisition and is shifting around its cloud leadership quickly after installing a new leader.


  • HP scores large deal (billions) with Deutsche Bank

    The 10 year deal, which mainly covers Deutsche Bank’s wholesale banking, will see HP provide dedicated data centre services with the aim of reducing infrastructure costs for the bank.


  • HP Separation to Cost $1.3 Billion in 2015

    “Recall that we are separating into two Fortune 50 companies, I mean it’s sort of hard to imagine that there are two Fortune 50 companies embedded in HP,” Whitman said. “That has included an entire organizational design and selection process the IT strategy carve out financials and many other activities.”


  • HP reportedly mulling purchase of Aruba Networks

    The move would give HP, which already offers its own “converged campus networking” gear, a bigger footprint in wireless mobile, a hot market, that could grow even hotter as more businesses and consumers use Wi-Fi to take some of the pressure off overloaded cellular networks. This acquisition would be reminiscent of Cisco’s purchase of Meraki a little over two years ago for $1.2 billion.



  • Splunk’s Value Is in the Clouds; Investors Should Take Profits Now

    Cloud and big-data markets are driving profits higher for many software companies, but data analytics specialist Splunk (SPLK – Get Report) has struggled to grow its bottom line. While its revenue is growing at impressive rates, Splunk’s valuation remains a concern. And investors would be wise to take some of their profits off the table ahead of the company’s fourth-quarter results Thursday.


  • Gartner BI Magic Quadrant 2015 Spots Market Turmoil

    “Business-centric platforms such as Tableau Software, Qlik, and other emerging vendors have a more narrow set of capabilities, but are used more broadly for a range of BI and analytics functions — including reporting, for which they are not optimal… — primarily because they are easy to use and deploy,” Gartner writes in its report. In contrast, companies using more conventional, IT-centric platforms (such as Cognos or BusinessObjects) that have a broad range of BI capabilities say they apply them to narrow use-cases.


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Supplier Report: 1/30/2015


Even though IBM has refuted reports of a massive layoff, reports continue to come in.  Something to keep an eye on.

[Note: The blogger who broke the story still maintains that major reductions (10k) have started]


  • Is Ellison overpaid?
    Another scenario of investor shenanigans…

    Jackson said that in their view, even if PGGM and Railways Pension do not own a massive stake in Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) between the both of them, they are representing the majority of shareholders in the company which may have these issues with the way the software company is run. She said that they could have partnered with other substantial shareholders, but PGGM and Railways Pension are the groups which have been consistently been bringing up these issues in the past years.


  • Oracle stock remains strong:

    Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) dropped slightly amid mild profit booking and the last known price was $43.9 per share. The price decreased by -0.29 points or -0.66% which made the investors to buy on weakness. For the latest trading session, the net money flow was recorded at $19.39 million. The total upticks were valued at $78.32 million and the total downticks aggregated to $58.93 million, thereby putting the up/down ratio at 1.33, implying that stock remains inherently strong. The counter has seen a change in the share price of -0.66% on a weekly basis.In a big block trade which occurred today, the total uptick value was $27.18 million and the total downtick value was $13.89, resulting in an up/down ratio of 1.96. The net money flow for the block trade was calculated to be $13.3 million.




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The Supply Chain: 12/29/2014



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