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Video: How About a MAXIMUM Wage?


How much income is too much? The former Minnesota governor rallies for the living wage and against the greed at the core of income inequality. Ventura’s latest book is “American Conspiracies, Second Edition.

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Video: How Amazon’s Algorithm Gets You to Spend Money


Companies like Amazon take advantage of the fact that they know a whole lot more about buying patterns than you do. As author and entrepreneur Jerry Kaplan explains, this sort of information asymmetry is the real crux of their business plan. Jerry Kaplan’s latest book is “Humans Need Not Apply: A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” (http://goo.gl/bSVV8K).

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Video: Are You Hiding Your Identity at Work?


To what extent are you “yourself” at work? Kenji Yoshino, the Chief Justice Earl Warren Professor of Constitutional Law at the NYU School of Law, studies the phenomenon of “covering.” Coined in 1963 by the sociologist Erving Goffman, “covering” describes the different ways and reasons we hide aspects of our identities when we’re functioning within groups.

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Video: What Drug Dealers Can Learn From Walgreens


Author Stephen J. Dubner analyzes the economics of drug dealing in the most Freakonomics way possible, comparing the capitalist tendencies of Walgreens with your friendly neighborhood gang of crack dealers. Dubner’s latest book is “When to Rob a Bank” (http://goo.gl/enQzf8).

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Video: Good Bosses Want What’s Best for Their Employees, Even if That’s a Different Job

The era of a companies taking care of employees for life is over. According to tech entrepreneur Maynard Webb, the new norm allows individuals more opportunities to succeed but requires them to control their own destinies by putting themselves first.

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