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Healthcare News: 11/19/2014

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Healthcare News: 11/12/2014

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Healthcare News: 11/6/2014

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Healthcare: Engagement Deep Dive

Watch as speakers discussed opportunities to connect across the health ecosystem to empower consumers to establish and progress in their personal health pursuits. They explored the changing health landscape, discussed the consumer health journey today and in the future, and highlighted how, through connected care, we can accelerate the impact of engagement solutions and re-imagine how we deliver health benefits to a new empowered consumer.

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Healthcare News: 10/23/2014

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  1. Cigna HealthSpring partners with GE-Intel to allow nurse practitioners to remotely diagnose patients:

    Based on a successful pilot in Middle Tennessee that engaged 50 patients, the remote patient management program is now being implemented with 250 patients statewide with potential for further expansion.


  2. UnitedHealth Q3 results are up:

    The Minnesota-based company said third-quarter revenue grew 7%, up to $32 billion year-to-year. Net income also rose 7% to $1.63 per share, surpassing predictions of $1.53 earnings per share by 23 analysts polled by Bloomberg.


  3. Aetna International Wins 2014 Health Insurance Award

    Aetna International has won the coveted “Best Group International Private Medical Insurance Provider 2014” at the Health Insurance Awards held last night in London. This is the second consecutive year Aetna International has won this award.


  4. Cigna files lawsuit against Health Diagnostic Labratory

    The lawsuit, filed Wednesday by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co. in U.S. District Court in Connecticut, accuses HDL of “a fraudulent fee-forgiving scheme” that involved not charging Cigna insurance plan members for their share of the cost of out-of-network blood-testing services provided by HDL.


  5. Delaware is dumping Aetna for Highmark for their Medicaid program:

    Aetna will shut down its Medicaid plan in Delaware by the end of this year because the publicly traded insurer and the state couldn’t agree on new managed-care rates.


  6. Cigna launches gamified digital health coaching:

    The new program, called Cigna Health Matters, grew out of the insurer’s recognition that despite spending millions of dollars a year on diet and exercise websites and apps, consumers have been slow to adopt insurers’ mobile health tools.


  7. Lake County Illinois saves money shifting from PCM to Cigna:

    The savings is due to the switch by PCM to Cigna. Because Cigna is a larger network than previously used by the county, the amount it now pays for services is discounted more than it was under the smaller networks used in the past.


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