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News you can use: 7/15/2015


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  • CEO Pay Has Risen 90 Times Faster Than Average Worker Pay Since The 1970s

    Defenders of outsized executive pay argue CEOs get what they deserve: that their performance justifies the huge outlays. But the paper doesn’t find much evidence for it, at least in the aggregate. Between 1978 and 2014, the stock market rose only about half as much as CEO pay did. And CEO pay has been rising across the board, both at companies that have been doing well and those that haven’t.


  • Workday is creating a supply chain tool for the healthcare industry

    “Health care providers are dealing with a significant amount of complexity,” said Workday Vice President of Industry Strategy and Alliances John Webb. “New regulations, industry consolidation and a shifting patient relationship are changing the way they manage their organizations. With Workday, health care providers will have the people, financial and supply chain insights they need, all in one system built on a flexible foundation from which they can continually adapt and grow in a dynamic industry.


  • 4 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Circle of Influence

    1. Do what you say. Nothing erodes personal credibility faster than a lack of trust. Building trust is fundamental to increasing your circle of influence. If you possess the skill to execute project A and the will to do so ethically, then others’ trust in you will increase. Just be consistent because once you break that trust it’s like taking a piece of paper, wrinkling it up and then trying to flatten it out again — it never actually returns to its original state.



    But the most prominent reason for rising supply chain management costs, researchers found, was transportation. According to the CSCMP, transportation costs increased by 3.6 percent last year due to larger shipment volumes, the emergence of same-day delivery models and the continuing adoption of eCommerce. These trends are forcing warehouse management strategies to change and have largely led to the adoption of warehouse management Software-as-a-Service solutions.


  • How I Broke Through My Own Mediocrity

    The mediocre entrepreneur doesn’t “Blink” in the Malcolm Gladwell sense. In Gladwell’s book he often talks about people who can form snap correct judgements in two or three seconds. My initial judgement when I meet or even see people is this: I hate you. And then I veer from that to too trusting. Finally, after I bounce back and forth, and through much trial and error, I end up somewhere in the middle. I also tend to drop people I can’t trust very quickly. I think the great entrepreneur can make snap judgements and be very successful with it. But that doesn’t work for most people.


  • Small Cloud Providers Serve Supply Chain Management Market

    The SCM market is highly fragmented. The top 10 vendors have about 55% of the market, with the remainder split among 57 vendors. These 57 experienced average annual revenue growth of 9.6%, indicating strong demand for specialized offerings that are competitive with, and sometimes complementary to, the larger providers’ products.


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Video: All That Hype About “The Cloud”? It Was Hype.

Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat, explains how the cloud is evolving in a way few anticipated.

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Video: Your Cloud-Enhanced Brain Will Be Exponentially Better

Technologist and Futurist Ray Kurzweil says our brains, as complex as they are, are constrained by an upper limit of 300 million “pattern recognizers.” But our future, cloud-based “virtual brains” will have no such constraints.

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The Supply Chain: 5/20/2015


  • IBM Empower 2015: The Evolution of Supplier Engagement General Session
    The Empower event took place last week, I have been scanning the web to see if any video was released:

    The recent CPO study from the IBM Institute for Business Value highlights the changing relationship between the enterprise and their suppliers. The procurement organization and its internal stakeholders are the conduit to innovation and value held within the supply chain. Unlocking that potential is key to driving the next wave of transformation and evolution. Join us in the Empower general session to hear the debate about what’s next for procurement and learn from your peers on what they are doing to release the value from their supply base.

  • Why businesses should combine NPS with analytics

    Alec Gardner, general manager ANZ, Teradata, says, “Businesses should be using data analytics in conjunction with NPS to enhance customer satisfaction, and in many cases, even help predict NPS.” “Doing this lets companies use data analytics to proactively seek customer sentiment using channels such as social media well ahead of the customer’s intention to contact the company,” Gardner says. ”Discovery analytics from big data sources lets companies gain new insights about competitors as well as their own products or services.”


  • What to Ask, and Not Ask, Your Cloud Hosting Provider

    Don’t Ask: What is the provider’s availability record? This may seem like a very important question, and it is. However, it should be noted that if you’re researching a reputable hosting provider, many of the organizations that report on downtime don’t look at the clients of the provider, but only at the provider’s website. This can create false positive or negative results, since it isn’t a customer production environment.


  • I read this Fast Company article this morning and thought it would be good to share (I think this will sound very familiar to something happening in July):

    It is a tale of corporate politics, personal feuds, and turf wars. But it also the story of a success, even though the project didn’t fully deliver on its massive ambitions. This is what happens when a huge corporation tries to reinvent itself. This is what you have to do when you better make it work.


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Video: Will IBM’s Shift to the Cloud Succeed or Is It Too Late?

IBM is banking on the cloud to drive future growth. For now, that shift is taking a toll, as fourth-quarter results and the 2015 profit forecast show. Bloomberg’s Alex Barinka and Bloomberg Intelligence’s Anurag Rana speak on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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