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SourceCast: Episode 27: The Friendship Garden


sn_friendgarden_Stefan Stefancik

I am pleased to announce that episode 27 of SourceCast is a panel discussion. This week, my guests and I discuss finding and keeping friends in the workplace.

The discussion stems from a Fast Company article discussing men’s changing friendships at the workplace.

We discuss how men make friends, the efforts (or lack there of) to keep friends, and how friends are lost over a lifetime.

Photo:Stefan Stefancik


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SourceCast: Episode 26: Why can’t we be friends?

sn_friends_Ismael Nieto

Oracle and SalesForce have an on-again, off-again relationship… and they seem to be off-again. This week we cover their history and why they are currently “on a break”. While we are talking about friends, this podcast discusses a recent Fast Company article about men’s changing friendships in the workplace.

Photo: Ismael Nieto

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