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The Supply Chain: 2/25/2015


  • 6 fixes for the federal procurement process (there are some points that carry over to the private sector):

     Procurement decisions are taking significantly more time than ever before. “Sliding to the Right” is a commonly used phrase these days. More are even being cancelled after proposals are submitted. Contractors spend countless hours and thousands of dollars bidding, often working late nights, holidays and weekends. Contractors often spend anywhere from 20-35 percent of a contract’s value on business development, capture, and proposal development compared to the private sector, which typically spends three to eight percent. Make decisions quicker and be respectful; it takes a lot of money and effort to respond to your RFP’s.


  • UHC Member Hospitals Achieve More Than $450 Million in Supply Chain Savings

    The growth in member savings is attributable to many factors, including higher-volume purchasing through UHC’s supply contracting company, Novation; greater adoption of UHC’s advanced analytics; and member collaboration with UHC experts to identify savings opportunities linked to physician preference items, supply utilization, and standardization.


  • How eSCRM protects the supply chain
  • Talking to a Rising Supply Chain Star: Brian Dean, General Dynamics

    Being primarily a military contractor, like my company is, communication is a huge thing we use to build relationships with suppliers. A lot of times, there is little information we can share with the rest of the world but when we can share forecast or plans or anything like that it goes a long way to creating a strategic relationship with our suppliers. They can take that information and plan better on their side, which all of us want to do, and in the long run it makes things better for both of us. Also, when we find a supplier that is high performing, we want to promote them throughout the company and put them where it is a good fit. From our side, we get economies of scale, and the supplier gets more exposure into other lines of business. It’s all a give and take, working on finding ways that we can help each other meet our goals.


  • Procurement Leaders offers a post that seems to refute IBM’s generational survey:

    So what, you may ask? For starters, millennials are very different from any of the previous generations. It starts with their upbringing and constantly being surrounded by mobile technology and social media. Apparently, they are also quite motivated, but not necessarily willing to compromise their personal life (we hear of more and more CPOs rethinking the 9-5 office life). And because millennials are so ambitious, they will also want to progress at a faster pace than the organisation can keep up with.


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Healthcare: Engagement Deep Dive

Watch as speakers discussed opportunities to connect across the health ecosystem to empower consumers to establish and progress in their personal health pursuits. They explored the changing health landscape, discussed the consumer health journey today and in the future, and highlighted how, through connected care, we can accelerate the impact of engagement solutions and re-imagine how we deliver health benefits to a new empowered consumer.

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Video: Apple Health

Pay attention to this one people. The crossroads of healthcare, technology, and mobile networks.

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Video: Durable Healthcare

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. What would it mean to throw out the world “sustainable” when we talk about health care? In this emotional talk, Mark Arnoldy confronts the challenges of modern healthcare in the world’s most challenging places, pointing to what’s possible when we look at improving results and lowering costs here in the U.S.

Mark Arnoldy leads overall strategy; focuses on building a remarkable team; develops partnerships; and makes sure the team never loses sight that everything is impossible until it isn’t for Possible. Prior to Possible, Mark worked closely with a Nepali social entrepreneur for three years to create an innovative way to treat malnourished children, and he helped create two U.S. businesses that fund nutrition programs in Nepal.

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Healthcare News: 10/15/2014

Here is a new feature on the site… a summary of weekly healthcare industry news, in no particular order:

  1. United Healthcare’s Q3 earnings are expected to show 7% growth:
  2. Cigna has the highest return on equity (ROE) showing 19.5%
  3. Highmark’s actions subvert its assurance of access to UPMC for Medicare customers:

    The state wants Commonwealth Court to find Highmark in contempt of the consent decree for marketing a Medicare Advantage policy that provides no access to UPMC doctors. Highmark began offering the policy last week for the incredibly low premium of zero dollars, just after it had jacked up the monthly premiums on Medicare Advantage policies that do provide in-network UPMC access. Most of those premiums rose by double-digit percentages, one doubled and another tripled.

This is the first attempt (baseline).  More to come.

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