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SourceCast: Episode 103: YouTube Edition

Spectre and Meltdown dominated the news for another week. I spend this episode understanding the new information and the cost of fixing this problem.

Photo: Toa Heftiba

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SourceCast: Episode 103: The Spectre’s Embrace

Week 2 of the Spectre and Meltdown CPU issue brought more information and more confusion.  As companies attempt to fix the issue, even more problems arise.  I spend the episode understanding what those issues are and discuss consumer’s options.

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SourceCast: Episode 102: YouTube Edition

This week’s episode focuses on recent security threats Meltdown and Spectre. I cover what they are and how they can impact individual consumers and corporations.

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SourceCast: Episode 101: YouTube Edition

My guest John Drumm and I discuss China’s artificial intelligence strategy and what that means for their population and future.

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SourceCast: Episode 102: Having a Meltdown

Intel and other CPU chip makers announced a major security flaw last week that could impact almost every internet connected device on the planet.

This week’s episode focuses on that security bug and what it means for you personally and professionally.

Photo: Sandeep Swarnkar

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