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SourceCast: Episode 10: Social Media Menace


The technology that enables and gives us the term “social media” has changed the world.  People can connect almost instantaneously to news, finances, contacts, and multimedia.

The professional world seems to have a love/hate relationship with this technology as it allows companies to broadcast information about their products to the masses easier than ever before, but also gives their customers immediate access to them if they are displeased.

When almost everyone who works for a company can be classified as a brand ambassador (willingly or not), what happens when we say the wrong things?


The episode was inspired by Jon Ronson – So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed

The intro music is by Andrew Combs Foolin’

The closing music is by my personal favorite, Ryan AdamsEasy Plateau

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SourceCast: Episode 02: Millennial Meltdown


Corporations are trying to improve methods of attracting and retaining young workers.  They have been tagged with the generational name “Millennials” due to their entrepreneurial spirit and some say for their sense of entitlement and high expectations.

I invited a few millennial co-workers to the podcast to discuss their actual goals instead of reading about it in a magazine.

PS: Here is a link to the YouTube video that we mentioned a few times during the podcast.

Photo: GregRakozy

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