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News You Can Use: 6/24/2015


  • Clear Storytelling Boosts Value of Analytics (the boss shared this one, in case you didn’t read it last week).

    Those credentials do not, however, make them great storytellers. Ms. Peele noticed several years ago that the team was making great progress at creating new knowledge from data and analytics, but wasn’t having the impact on organizational initiatives and policies that she had hoped. “We were just flinging out the insights so fast that people just couldn’t consume them,” she noted. “And when you have a statistician write a report, it may not be fit for consumption by C-suite executives.”


  • MailChimp’s Founder on How to Get Your Business from ‘Startup to Grown Up’

    As it grows, your business will go through several stages and each stage requires a different kind of leader. When you feel like you’ve mastered the stage you’re in and can finally feel comfortable with yourself and proud of your capabilities, you’re already falling behind. Time to move to the next stage!


  • 10 Reasons You Should Absolutely Not Work This Weekend

    3. Your business doesn’t love you: Even if you’re the owner, there may come a day when you’re unceremoniously kicked to the curb. If you’re not the owner, you can be laid off at any time. Don’t fool yourself into thinking your company will always be there for you. They won’t be.


  • What Companies Can Learn From ‘Game of Thrones’ When Hiring Their Next Chief Information Officer

    Spendthrift IT (House Lannister) As the richest house in Westeros, the Lannisters “always pay their debts.” They can afford to, as they literally sit on top of a gold mine. They have been known to buy friends from among their enemies and fund armies of mercenaries with Lannister gold. Similarly, Lannister CIOs will choose to spend their way out of their problems and would never hesitate to outsource. The only problem for a Lannister CIO – and the Lannisters – is what happens when the money runs out?


  • Why Calling Out Someone in Your Group Can Strengthen It

    The most powerful thing we can do to earn respect from those around us, though, is to call out one of our own when he crosses the line. “People like us, we don’t do things like that.” This is when real change starts to happen, and when others start to believe that we really care about something more than scoring points.


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