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News You Can Use: 4/6/2016

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  • What to Do When Good Talent Has Suspicious Social Media

    Know where your company stands on disqualification standards and how to identify whether or not a resume is accurate. In an October 2015 study from Adecco, 54 percent of the more than 4,168 recruiters surveyed said they excluded candidates based on online information that contradicted their CVs. Address these contradictions directly in the interview, with specific questions. If the-job seeker provides vague, rambling answers, chances are he or she is lying or trying to avoid the confrontation.


  • Where (and how) to find top supply SCM talent

    Spend Matters recently revealed that one way to bridge this gap is, instead of focusing on hiring workers who are skilled in a specific category, restructuring roles to attract talented leaders who can exercise a dynamic range of capabilities, such as “increased business and leadership skills, technological prowess, knowledge of foreign policy and regulations and the ability to handle cross-functional complexity.”

    Solutions to Bridging the Supply-Chain Talent Gap

    Those with awareness of the profession might be turned off by pay disparities. Women tend to start out with compensation that’s equivalent to, if not higher than, that of men. But after 10 years in the workforce, the pay gap widens by around 34 percent, Eshkenazi said. What’s more, employers are paying insufficient attention to the work-life balance that’s required by many young employees, both male and female, today.


  • Economic Sustentation 06: Preparing for the Corporate Takeover

    3. Become a customer of choice.
    Supplier sales teams fight for their customers of choice. When push comes to shove and there is not enough supply to go around, you will get it. When the parent company wants to push prices up to cover the costs of the acquisition, the sales team will look elsewhere. When you need access to innovation, they will fight to give it. But, despite many contractual claims to the contrary, very few clients are actually customers of choice.


  • New report calls for Nestle to take lead on cleaning up Thai supply chain

    “These findings of severe labor and human rights abuses present an urgent challenge to any company sourcing seafood,” said Verite. “[We] recognize the complex and entrenched nature of these issues, the challenges of finding leverage points to effect change, and the practical difficulty of cascading accountability into a non-vertical supply chain with limited visibility.”


  • How creative thinkers can thrive in a regulated industry

    At the end, we circle back to the beginning. To build a great company, you need great people. But there are many different kinds of great people out there, and, as a healthcare company, no matter how ground-breaking and innovative, you need to make sure you’re hiring the right kind of great people. The ones who are in it for the long term, who have the patience and maturity to understand that despite the technological edge they live on, they operate in an industry with different rules.


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News You Can Use: 12/2/2015


  • Would 50% of all procurement professionals really choose a different career?

    Once again, a certain level of job dissatisfaction within any sector is nothing new. However, the 50% number should be of concern to those occupying the executive suite both within, and external to the procurement industry. After all, it is hard to operate at maximum capacity when half your team is disenchanted and/or disengaged.


  • Your Company Was Acquired. Now What?

    In my transition out of my company and my move into that of a board member, their team was pleased to see how well I had adapted from being the sole decision-maker into a role that was a bit more low-key, yet still highly influential. My philosophy is the same as when I ran my business. I listen more, speak less and let the team fail or succeed on their own merits. I have trust that they have the company’s best interests in mind and will succeed.


  • Nestle admits to supply chain problems

    The investigation began at the tail end of 2014, according to the source. Around the same time, reports from the AP “tied brutal and largely unregulated working conditions to their shrimp, prawn and Purina-brand pet foods.”

    Apparently, many of the laborers come from poorer areas such as Myanmar and Cambodia, upon arrival they are charged a fee to work and then are trapped into working off unreasonable payments, explained the AP.


  • 7 Traits That Define Work Productivity Superstars

    5. Builds a reservoir of goodwill without asking for anything in return
    Good business and good working relationships must always be seen as unconditional, meaning not motivated by an expectation of future payback. The result will be people and organizations wanting to help you, rather than feeling an obligation to contribute.


  • Do You Know the Rules for Ethical Supplier Interaction?

    Donations for charitable organizations are less obvious because everyone just wants to help a good cause, and what does it hurt if a supplier makes a decision to support your favourite charity? Well, it depends. How much? Does the supplier expect favouritism for the donation? Will the donation unconsciously bias you toward the supplier? Will there be a perception of bias? It’s tough.


  • Big Data: The Latest Rage in Supply Chain Management

    We’ve found with our clients, again and again, that big data can have a measurable impact on driving greater accuracy in planning, ensuring that companies make the right amount of the right product. Advanced algorithms and machine learning can facilitate increased forecast accuracy across a company’s SKUs, which drives greater turns, less waste, less inventory, and fewer stock-outs, which leads to higher EBITDA, lower working capital, and greater competitiveness.


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