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News You Can Use: 9/30/2015

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  • 10 Intelligence Insights For Category Managers in 2015

    The demand for consultancy will depend often on the complexity of the processes and interactions involved with the sector and the individual business. For instance, sectors with a highly regulated environment will often use management consultants to help implement strategies with regard to new rules or to more effectively traverse the landscape of existing regulations.


  • Healthcare firms three times more likely to see data breaches

    Plus, healthcare organizations are in the process of moving all their data to electronic health records, and are increasingly sharing that data with healthcare providers, clinics, insurance companies, and other industry participants. That means that criminals have a broader attack surface, and the defenders aren’t as battle-hardened as those in other industries.


  • Using Cloud Computing To Manage Global Risk Of Doing Business

    There has been no other technology development that has had a greater impact on the reduction of risk of operating a supply chain than cloud technology. Cloud computing has made it possible for companies to stay in touch on a real time basis with thousands of their suppliers spread all across the globe round the clock. The conventional ERP-based solutions configured to manage supply chain systems internally by inter-connecting departments within the organization do not prove to be very well positioned to handle the business processes required to manage suppliers. This is largely because supplier networks can be extremely complex and have a very large geographical footprint making them susceptible to developing faults with great ease. Supplier networks that are cloud-based are in a position to yield more options and offer additional risk management capabilities for smart companies that have switched to this technology.


  • The 20 jobs with the biggest salary increases this year
    Nothing shocking here, but interesting to review. 
  • Dropbox wants shadow IT to drive enterprise adoption

    There’s one key thing that Dropbox has going for it: users inside companies are already using its product without the authorization of administrators. When the company goes to pitch a large business like News Corp. on adopting Dropbox for Business, salespeople can already point to the thousands of users of its technology inside the company.


Photo: Christopher Campbell, unsplash

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