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SourceCast: Episode 72: Do You WannaCry?

A major virus named WannaCry hit organizations last week. This week’s podcast drills down on what WannaCry is, how it was able to impact so many companies, and what can be done to avoid this kind of threat in the future.

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SourceCast: Episode 71: Really Oracle?

Last week, Oracle published a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai supporting his plans to repeal net neutrality protections. On this episode, we discuss Oracle’s potential motivations.

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SourceCast: Episode 70: Big Blue’s Blues

Warren Buffett admitted to selling off 1/3 of his IBM stock, which resulted in more poor stock performance for IBM.  With this news and coming off the announcement of 20 straight quarters of decline, what can IBM do to turn the ship around?

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SourceCast: Episode 69: Net Neutrality News

Since the election of President Trump, Net Neutrality has been a constant topic in the news. This week I go deep into the issue to understand what it means for consumers and corporations.

Update: A few days after this went live, my favorite fake journalist dedicated his 5/7 episode:

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SourceCast: Episode 68: Oracle Redux

Oracle has been looking to start a fight with AWS in the press, and Amazon is actually fighting back.

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