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Video: Three Things All Good Bosses Do

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A good boss can make a big difference. But what makes a good boss? Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor of Economics Kathryn Shaw found good bosses use similar strategies and have a lasting positive impact on their employee’s careers. Here’s how they do it.

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Video: How to Be a Virtual Meeting Hero

sn_meeting_Samuel Zeller

What are the benefits of holding virtual meetings? They are cheaper, provide easier access to content, and allow participants to multitask. In this video, you’ll learn tips for how to better prepare, execute, and handle the aftermath of a virtual meeting.

And yes, these Stanford kids are a little obsessed with promotions.

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Video: New payment systems


New payment systems are not only changing the financial services landscape, but also how products and services are being bought and sold, shared Stripe CEO Patrick Collison. “Companies are looking at ways not just to charge their customers, but also to do something more sophisticated.” During his visit to The Industrialist’s Dilemma class on January 7, 2016, Patrick discussed the restructuring of the financial services landscape with Lecturers Robert Siegel and Aaron Levie.

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Video: When A Plan Doesn’t Work, Managing Through The Pivot

sn_watch_Paulina Fornalczyk

First time entrepreneurs are natural optimists. But all that positivity can be a detriment when it prevents you from recognizing that it’s time to change course.

Stanford Graduate School of Business Lecturer Robert Chess says there are signs that a company needs to pivot and ways to manage the process to help your start-up not only survive, but thrive.

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Video: Should Competitors Share Information?

In some industries, keeping valuable market data to yourself is not the best way to go.

A Stanford Assistant Professor of Marketing (Pedro M. Gardete) says there are times when pooling information can help you get big picture perspective, avoid market turbulence and build a stronger company in the long run.

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